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Monitor Has Power But Won't Display Unless I Restart

Okay this is getting super frustrating and I already contacted support and they weren't very helpful besides just doing a full reset.... It's still under warranty until December but I really don't think it's going to fix my issue.


Sometimes when I'm not using my computer and go back to it, when I press any key I don't get the option to sign in. Instead I'm staring at a black screen - but I know it's on because it's not completly black, and when I hit the back button, I can change the source.  But no matter what I do change the source and back, unplug hdmi and plug back in, etc. it just stays on the same screen. As soon as I turn the power off my tower and back on, I'm back in business again.


My problem is unless I save my work, I'm always in danger of losing it. I just checked and my power settings show "When plugged inm turn off after "Never"'  for Screen and "When plugged in, PC goes to sleep after "Never". I changed that setting a while back to try to fix the issue. Sometimes I do turn the monitor off by pressing the button on the back but then when I want to turn it back on I have this issue...


My model is here:


I am running Windows 10, 20GB memory, and Radeon HD 5450



Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Monitor Has Power But Won't Display Unless I Restart

I'm sorry to hear that, how do you have the monitor connected? Is it through HDMI or Display Port? Also, have you made sure that your drivers were up to date on your gpu and monitor?

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