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Monitor black screen when using HDMI to displayport adapter through Kensington docking station

(Topic created on: 5/8/21 6:33 PM)
Monitors and Memory

I have bought a Samsung  24" LED monitor and plugged HDMI-HDMI directly through my docking station with success.  I was happy with it so bought a second monitor (same) and using an HDMI to displayport adapter to plug in the only other available jack on the docking station.  Black screen.  I cannot even get into the menu. The computer "sees" the monitor. 

Having two screens I have tested reversing the cables, and the monitor HDMI-HDMI always works and the HDMI-Displayport gives a black screen. 

I have tested the HDMI-DisplayPort jack with another LG monitor I have and it works perfectly.  Is this a configuration issue that I just cannot see? 

I am requesting help on this. I do not want to have to return the monitor because I can't use it with my docking station.  

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