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New S22E450D doesn't detect any signal

(Topic created on: 3/26/21 7:27 PM)
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I have bought 5 new units of the S22E450D. I have only opened 2 but so far both have the same issue. The issue is they don't detect any signal on any of the 3 inputs. VGA, DVI, or DP. I have tried different video and power cables to no avail. If I use any other monitor, they work fine. I have tried hooking them up to my laptop as a secondary display but my laptop doesn't even recognize the monitor. I have also tried plugging them into my desktop and again, no sign life. 

I am able to hit the menu button, but it takes me straight to the PC/AV mode and I am not able to go anywhere else in the menu. Kinda like the menu is stuck. I read about the OSD menu lockout feature but if I hold the menu button for the 10 seconds nothing changes.

I must be doing something wrong. I'd hate to send all 5 back from our company but if I can't use them, they are no use to me.


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Monitors and Memory

Are you feeding it the required 1920x1080 @ 60Hz video signal?