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Not able to install Samsung NVM Express Driver

(Topic created: 06-08-2021 12:57 AM)
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I have recently purchased a Samsung 980 SSD and have installed it on my HP Pavilion Laptop 15-Ck0xx and am using it along with the 2 TB HDD that came with the laptop. I had cloned the windows installation from HDD to SSD and had made it bootable. I then reset the windows after going to Update -> Recovery -> Reset this PC to start things fresh.

However, I have been noticing that the speed of the SSD is nowhere near what was advertised, and I also have been facing few BSOD dpc_watchdog_violation issues since I installed the SSD. After checking online, I found that installing the Samsung NVM Express driver instead of the generic Microsoft one could improve the speed and resolve stability issues.

However, I have been getting the following error when trying to install the driver: "Samsung NVM Express Device is not connected. Connect the Device and try again". Again, on checking online, the suggestion was to change the SATA interface in BIOS to AHCI from IDE or RAID. However, I did not find any option to change the SATA interface in the BIOS. A search online revealed that it is sometimes locked by HP and is not changeable.

But, in the device manager, I can see "Intel(R) 6th Generation Core Processor Family Platform I/O SATA AHCI Controller"  installed under IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers. Also, upon using the AS SSD Benchmark utility, I can see "stornvme - OK"  for the SSD and "iaStorAC - OK"  for the HDD.

I had also done a similar post on HP Support Community where I did receive a hint on why the speeds in my laptop might be lower but haven't got much help regarding the driver install issue. Any clue on what can get the Samsung driver to be installed?

Screenshot of Device Manager. Available IDE ATA/ATAPI and storage controllers.Screenshot of Device Manager. Available IDE ATA/ATAPI and storage controllers.AS SSD Benchmark for Samsung SSD 980AS SSD Benchmark for Samsung SSD 980

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