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Odyssey Ark Just Stopped Displaying

(Topic created: 02-04-2023 02:36 AM)
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I ordered the Odyssey Ark directly from Samsung, and it arrived yesterday. After setting it up, I turned it on for the first time. Screen popped on, sound was coming out. No problem. I walked through the device set up process using the SmartThings app.

After setup and registration, I decided to give the monitor a test run. I loaded Valheim on my PC (RTX 3080).

After about 10 minutes of game play, the Ark’s display went black. Sound was still coming out though. I could hear my character getting mauled by wolves. I noticed that the ring at the back of the monitor was still glowing blue too.
I read a community post here where Samsung recommended following all the instructions on this page: https://www.samsung.com/us/support/troubleshooting/TSG01110761/.

I did it all. Every single thing.  Still nothing. I also swapped HDMI cables. Nothing. I tested without any HDMI connection to just bring up the Samsung One TV app. Nothing except sound. I reconnected the HDMI while my PC was also connected to my previous monitor and then a flicker occurred as the Ark suddenly was displaying again as a secondary monitor, albeit the picture was horrible and had lines going through the middle of the screen side to side. The lines looked like they were copying what was at the bottom of the monitor.

This was a huge purchase for me, and I’m sure for other people too. I’m at a loss for words at how frustrating this is.

I called Samsung support, and they’re sending a tech, but I know what the tech’s going to say. The monitor is a dud. So what then? I have to go through the pain to repackage it and ship it back to Samsung?

Plus, the monitor’s box arrived in two pieces strapped together with large plastic straps: a bottom base that covered the lower 1/5 of the monitor and a top that slipped over the remaining monitor. How in the world am I supposed to move a 70+ lb. monitor from my 2nd floor office, across my house, heave it into my vehicle, take it out of my vehicle at a shipping center, and then drag it in with a box that isn’t actually a single box? I’m not a warehouse. I don’t have the tools necessary to restrap the box pieces together. And there’s no way I can move this monstrosity in the box without the box’s pieces being attached to one another. That’s a feat I’m incapable of. I may play a sorceress online, but I’m not one in real life. No joke though. I’m actually physically incapable of the above method.

If you want the broken thing YOU sent me when I paid over $2.5k for it, you’re going to have to come and get it yourself. I am not destroying my house, my body, or my sanity because of this. If I wanted to spend thousands of dollars just for a mental breakdown, I’d have kids.

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