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Odyssey G7 Adaptive Sync Issues

(Topic created: 07-05-2021 12:07 AM)
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I bought an Odyssey G7 32 inches. I am facing the below issues related to Adaptive Sync. It is on firmware 1010.3 out of the box.

1. When "Adaptive Sync" is ON and "VRR Control" is ON

Micro-stuttering in games when slow camera panning - like when you use a gamepad or controller to pan the scenery. This micro-stuttering is not present if "VRR Control" is switched OFF.

2. When "Adaptive Sync" is ON and "VRR Control" if OFF

If frame rates go above 90 fps, then there is a lot of inverse ghosting. Cannot correct this inverse ghosting as "Response Time" is disabled during "Adaptive Sync" ON.

3. Please enable "Response Time" option when "Adaptive Sync" is ON.

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