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Odyssey G7 Auto-On/Off and Audio Detection issues

(Topic created on: 3/5/21 1:53 PM)
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Hello, I have two issues with a new Odyssey G7 monitor I just purchased earlier this week.

Issue #1: The monitor does not turn on automatically when I power on my PC, nor does it turn off automatically when I power off my PC. For a high quality monitor like this, I'd hoped there would be an auto-on/off feature when the monitor detects devices turning on and off like previous monitors I have owned but I can't seem to find any such feature.

Issue #2: I have connected my monitor to my PC via DisplayPort. Every time I power my PC on I have to run a Windows troubleshooter for it to detect my monitor as an audio source. Now, this could very well be an issue with my PC but I did not have this same issue with my previous monitor.

I'm curious if anyone else has struggled with either of these issues, and if there is a solution to either of them because so far - while trivial - these issues are annoying to deal with every single day. For reference, my model number is LC27G75TQSNXZA and my software version is M-TG700CCAA-1009.3.

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Monitors and Memory

According to your User Manual the only way the monitor turns on and off is via the Toggle Button.  It has no auto on/off feature.

Having to run Windows troubleshooting to determine an audio source is a function of the OS and computer hardware/software, not a fault of the monitor.

Whan I go shopping for a  newer monitor I first develop a list of features I require and then research the available monitors to find a match.  I don't buy  monitors based on their appearance or price.

For example, I first require all my monitors to have a Vesa mount buit in.  No Vesa and it's off the list.

Once the Vesa requirement is established then the rest of the features are considered.

Hope has no place in the determination of the suitability of a device to meet your expectations.  Only by close examination of the features of a given device can you determine if it's suitable for your needs.