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Odyssey G7 Damaged in shipping after coming back from return! Support ignoring me!

(Topic created: 07-27-2021 04:50 AM)
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New (but really distressing) issue:

I am posting this here in these forums because I have no choice.  After being in chat with Samsung for nearly 3 hours on July the 14th (today is the 26th btw).  Then being told that I would be contacted by "the executive customer relation department in 3-5 days".  Nothing has happened.  No calls, emails, nothing. From the beginning it felt like they just wanted me to go away and I have the entire chat exchange copied!  I was even given a (what I believe is fake) ticket number. I am a little mad and disheartened at this point.

Original Issue:

I got my Odyssey G7 monitor returned damaged after I was told that it was repaired.  (Geist of the reply) I was told that it was sent to them with a cracked screen (but they repaired it...) so it was my fault because it came that way originally.  Don't worry my head hurts too!  You may ask why isn't UPS involved? Well, since they sent me the return slip I could not make claim with UPS and speak with them about it.

To keep it short. The screen was not broken when I originally sent it in.  It would not recognize the signal for ether display port and probably needed a new main board.  I also I paid $45 for UPS to pack it!  I have the receipts.  

Ultimately, Samsung stated that it was repaired when it was shipped back.

20210714_174926.jpgShortly after this picture was taken it went blank and did not come back.

I am sorry for turning into a "Karen"!  I work in retail and I hate it when customers are mean and impatient so I am sad that it has come to this.  I love this monitor, have many of Samsung's products, and want to buy the next Note phone in the future!  I really need Samsung to make this right.

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Can I have you send your ticket number via private message? I would like to look into this for you.

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