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Odyssey G77 Gaming Monitor Terrible experience so far.

(Topic created on: 2/9/21 1:51 PM)
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On December first I purchased 2 of the Odyssey G77 Gaming Monitors since then I have had problem after problem. First was the fact that no matter what setting I try I can not get the little blinking led to turn off at night. whether I turn off the pc or put it to sleep doesn't matter and since turning the monitors on take a few solid minutes turning them off at night seems like a waste of my SSD boot up speeds. I have completely given up on solving this issue and have covered the lights in electrical tape.. 

my second issue I ran into is even though the settings are exactly the same I have checked everything everywhere in every software on the pc I can never get the color and picture the same on the two side by side monitors. 

Just today I encountered a new problem where if I start a Hulu video my Main monitor just turns off have yet to find some jank way to solve this new issue.

lastly the biggest of all the firmware issue, apparently there is a big update for the G7 monitors with the  ver 1009.3 firmware that seems to have helped out a lot of people with the terrible flickering and blinking of the monitor but the G77 version is still stuck on the ver 1003.1. I have seen reddit posts of other braver souls flashing the G7 firmware with some success but I believe that for the price I shouldn't have to chance flashing the incorrect firmware to solve these issues that to be honest my much cheaper previous monitors never had.  

I have always had bad luck with monitors in the past, dead pixels, poor quality bezels, bad cables, even  dead on arrivals but so far this has to be one of my worst experiences with a bad monitor yet. Please please someone save me.

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