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Odyssey G9 HDR issues at 120hz and 240hz

(Topic created on: 2/1/21 3:49 AM)
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Hi. on my Samsung Odyssey G9 monitor with 1009.0 (latest) firmware and VRR and 120hz on, outputing a 2080Ti with latest Nvidia Drivers 461.40 (game ready or studio, tried them all). HDR is always washed out. Colors are dull and not punchy.

When I change apps like MPC-HC from full to screen mode punchy colors return for half a second and then they become again dull and washed out. I suspect that it has to do with proper auto switch HDR (in gaming or in MadVR filter with MPC-HC) in Windows 10.

Needless to say that i tried all settings in NVidia Control panel colour management, (RGB YCK4:2:2, full or limited).

The only driver that manages this correctly is 442.74 from August 2020. With this NVidia driver all HDR content (games and MPC-HC with MadVR) is displayed correctly without touching anything in Windows 10 display settings. Same for HDR games (FarCry 5). Colors look really good and vibrant.


What has been changed since this driver in the new drivers and NVidia or Samsung cannot manage to reproduce the same correct HDR autoswitch?

I am getting desperate....

The 442.74 driver is a little bit outdated and some modern games (for example EA's SW Squadrons) complain about it.

When I turn 240hz with all drives VRR On and adaptive sync on, there is no HDR auto change for MPC-HC (without toggling Win 10 display settings) at all and even when I toggle HDR on within Win10 display settings the result is greyed and fade.

For games same result (G-Sync ON of course).

Any thoughts whatsoever?

Thank you in advance.

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I really feel like Samsung needs to either step up here and provide a bulletproof step-by-step guide for everyone trying to achieve things like G-Sync with 240 Hz AS ADVIRTISED or be sued for false advertising.  I keep seeing this issue go round and round with zero resolution and no help from any Samsung Support staff.

Why is it not obvious and easy with instructions to get this display set up for what you want?

Good luck with your HDR issue.  Hopefully someone has something for you.