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Odyssey G9 Neo 49" Display Port will not produce image on boot when set to 240Hz

(Topic created: 11-15-2021 03:13 PM)
Monitors and Memory

I have had my monitor for less than a week. When the Display port is set at 120Hz, the monitor will display the boot screen and the Windows image, however when I set the monitor to 240 Hz, it works until I shut the PC down or reboot it, then it will not show any display. I cannot change the refresh rate as the monitor setup has it greyed out. I have to hook up an HDMI cable, remove the Display Port cable from the back of the PC, restart the PC and the monitor shows the Windows login. I then, hook back up the Display port, and the monitor defaults it back to 120Hz. I can manually change the rate to 240Hz and it works fine and as long as I change the refresh rate back to 120Hz before I shut down or reboot, it will work; if I don't then it's back to HDMI and repeating the process. I have replaced the Display port cable with a high-speed 8K and updated the firmware of the monitor to the most recent version. The graphics card in my rig is a GForce RTX 3060. I have called support and they want to send out a technician, but I get the feeling this is more of a firmware issue than a physical one. Any Ideas?

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