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Odyssey G9 Stutter/Judder when at 240hz with gsync and VRR enabled

(Topic created: 11-04-2021 08:46 PM)
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I was wondering if support has been able to investigate this issue with either the G7 or G9. I have read many posts on reddit explaining that the flicker issues are gone with the firmware that brought VRR to the OSD. However this has introduced a new problem: Stuttering. I have tested this with an array of different hardware configurations and no matter what if i am using 240hz with gsync enables and VRR turned on i get stuttering. I can turn vrr off and the issue goes away but then i get inverse ghosting/smearing which is easily seen. It would be nice to know if anyone at Samsung is working on this issue. If not I will have to return this monitor and its a shame because its absolutely amazing in all other aspects.



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