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Odyssey G9 several issues (black screen on start up, Flicker with G-Sync, loses HDR settings)

(Topic created: 06-18-2022 08:53 AM)
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My G9 has several issues, I got it in November so it's still under warranty, but will I just get a monitor with more issues?

First and biggest issue is that when I come out of sleep or startup, it will show the windows screen for a second then it goes black.  Only way I can get it to work it to turn it off/on (some times several times and sometimes the on/off is unresponsive).  Doesn't happen every time but happens enough to be annoying.

Second issue, is the HDR settings are fine once I adjust the brightness and contrast.  But then it "loses" the setting and everything is washed out look again.  But if I toggle HDR on and off in windows settings it comes back to "normal" and works fine.

Third issue, I've noticed with G-SYNC on there is occasional flickering on my screen.  This is a fairly new development.  The other two have been happening for a while.

Any fixes for what I described?  Also I'm on latest firmware 1016.0.


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