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Odyssey Neo G9 still rubbish even with the latest firmware

(Topic created: 05-16-2022 12:35 AM)
Monitors and Memory

I've just updated my monitor's firmware to ver 1011.0 and it's still glitchy as **bleep**. I am incredibly disappointed in Samsung, to say the least!

Connected to my rock-solid Ubuntu desktop with an NVIDIA RTX3070 (which was been completely reliable with my previous monitor).

I use the monitor for productivity only. No games. 120Hz max refresh. This is the second monitor I have due to the first one not even passing the self-diagnosis!!!! (Quality control, Samsung?)

Random glitches every day, transient or persistent screen blanks. When the screen goes blank I have to turn it off and on again to get it working. I have random digital-glitches, full-screen stripes and other patterns displayed when the screen randomly crashes (turn it off and on at the mains to get it working).

I have plenty of pictures and video if you don't believe me. It's not my set up, or my room, or my power. It's a faulty, crappy three thousand dollar let-down.

I'm not the only one, Samsung, and you know it, even if you don't admit that you've sold us a substandard product, let alone acknowledge that customer complains like mine are legitimate.

I'll be returning the monitor I have of course, but I'm going to wait for a while as it seems that all I'm likely to get right now is another faulty replacement.

It might be the DisplayPort cables you bundle (I've heard they might be substandard), but of course Samsung state you should only use the cables they give you, so I guess it must be fine, right?

And yes, I'm really angry. This is meant to be premium-quality gear, at a super-premium price, and Samsung are supposed to be a trusted brand, so what the **bleep** happened?

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