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Odyssey g7 HDR crashes

Hi guys,


i bought an Odyssey G7 last week, and started using it frequently yesterday.

I turned off HDR in Windows 10, cause it looks terrible in Windows.

The Problem is now, if you go to Netflix or Amazon Prime which are, as i found out using HDR signals.

If you open the Webistes, the Monitor crashes, and can only be restartet by unplugging it and plugging it back in again.

Im using the newest Monitor Software, just updated it today, and the newes Nvidia Graphic drivers, updated them too.

This bug is only appearing when i open Websites that use HDR and turned HDR off in Windows, the bug is reproducable.

This is litearlly a 600€ Monitor and I am really considering sending it back and buying at another company.

I tried the points from here:

but that doesnt fix anything.

The Problem is wildely discussed in Reddit.

Is there a bug fix or do i need to send the Monitor back?


Re: Odyssey g7 HDR crashes

Literally changing the Monitor Display Port in the GPU  to the first slot of the GPU fixes the bug.

Tested it with a friend with the same Monitor and 2 dudes on Reddit.

All could fix it with this.

Software etc was up to date.