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Optimization for SSDs?

I've replaced SATA drives on several Dell Optiplex computers, 3010, 3020 & 3050, all having 8 to 16 GB of RAM & other than booting up, users aren't very impressed. SSDs I've used are 860 EVO in 1TB (Optiplex 3020) & 500GB (Optiplex 3010) sizes & a 500 GB 850 EVO (Optiplex 3010). The 3020 & 3050 are running i5 CPUs & the 3010 is running a Pentium G 2030 & its probably the fastest one of the bunch! I have read so many things on optimizing SSDs, some actually contradicting others, so I find myself here, figuring this may be the best place for advice. Nothing fancy running on any of these computers, either, Microsoft Office programs, Excel, Word, Outlook, Quick books, some web based programs.
What can I do to get maximize speed & performance out of them?

Thanks in advance!


Re: Optimization for SSDs?

As long as they are running on Sata ports they are maxxed out.  The drives will saturate the bandwidth of a Sata I,  II, and III port and you can't make it any faster.