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Portable SSD T5 bring iMac to a halt

(Topic created: 05-27-2021 04:33 PM)
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Hello, here is my issue with the Portable SSD T5-

When I plug in the SSD, it mounts on the desktop. I double click the drive icon to reveal the folders within but after that, any attempt to open a file, another folder, or copy a file brings everything to a halt. Switching to another Finder window or application could take 20-30 minutes, resulting in the spinning color wheel. I can't eject the SSD. To bring things back to normal, I have to shut down by pressing the power button, unplugging the device, and restarting.

I have tried the Safe Mode option; in this case, the SSD won't even appear on the desktop.

This seems to have occurred after updating to the Mojave OS. The problem also occurs with an older Lacie Starck external HD. A previously working Epson scanner also stopped being recognized after the OS update. Other HDs and SSDs (Seagate and Western Digital, respectively) have no issues.

Any solutions would be appreciated!

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