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Problem cloning 250gb nvme to 500gb nvme

I want to clone my current nvme boot drive to a larger nvme ssd.  The Samsung Data Migration Tool does not show the target 500GB drive (windows does recognize it).  Other (Acronis) software shows it as grayed out.  Some research says it may be a different sector size, which I found to be true.  The original 250GB Toshiba 256GB nvme is 512 sector size, and the target Samsung v-nand ssd 970 EvO plus 500GB nvme is 4096.  I researched how to change sector sizes on the new, empty target nvme, but haven't found an easy solution.  One article said it could be the enclosure I'm using to connect it as a USB device to facilitate the clone.  (only one m2 nvme port on my motherboard).  What was a nice solution to increase the nvme boot drive on my computer has turned out to be a bit puzzle to get a simple clone done.  BTW, Acronis clone sw typically handles cloning to a larger drive with no problem.  Any suggestions? 

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Re: Problem cloning 250gb nvme to 500gb nvme

Make an Acronis recovery  USB stick, make a full backup to another USB or Sata device, install 970, use USB recovery to restore backup.

KInd of painful on single drive laptops so all my laptops are dual drive.