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Problem with Samsung Data Migration tool(to Samsung SSD)

Hello. I hope anyone of you who moved a Windows OS from HDD to SSD can help me...

I just have bought Samsung 970 EVO Plus 500gb few days ago. I installed NVME driver. For my surprisingly when it got to 100 per cent and my pc got turn off, when i opened BIOS there was not the option for booting from SSD. When it got booted in my old HDD i could saw that Samsung SSD was disabled because of having the same signature than my hdd(Signature Collesion Issue). I tried to change it through cmd with Diskpart(unique disk ID={NEW SIGNATURE}) with lack of sucess. After that I activated Samsung Disk through disk management. And authomathically was asigned D: to new samsung windows clone(just NTFS). Now I can boot SSD through BIOS apparently, but it is so so slow, and I am pretty sure it loads old C:\ of my hdd. Now I have assigned a letter after to SYSTEM_DRV(Fat32)(GSmiley Happy and tried bcdboot D:\Windows /s G  .But it says "Failed while trying copy boot files". Any help? Should I try a clean OS installing? In this case any good post to prevent any issue with having my hdd connected? If I can´t use Samsumg Data Migration tool I guess I can claim +0.3TB of Written on Samsung 5 Year Guarantee since I followeed all their warnings, including checking my hdd previously with those 2 cmds...