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Quick question for M5 & M7 Smart Monitor owners.

(Topic created: 06-04-2021 04:41 PM)
Cosmic Ray
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Have you guys experienced the "Gallery" and "Samsung Promotion" apps, just magically appear on your Smart Monitor and now they can't be removed, or am I the only one experiencing this since I did "manually" install them myself weeks ago and now this could possibly be a software bug with my particular M7 unit that's causing those apps to stick? 


I've tried factory resetting 3 times now, "Gallery" and "Samsung Promotion" still remains. These apps aren't preinstalled, I know that for a fact because I previously use to own two M7's instead of one now and neither one of them had those two apps on them, not even in the initial setups. Support has confirmed that they are indeed NOT preinstalled apps, and now they want me to send in my unit for service so they can do a hard reset.


I'm here getting a second opinion before I risk shipping it for service and the possibility of it getting damaged in transit for nothing, so that's why I'm here asking other owners if they can confirm whether or not those apps just magically appeared on their units or am I the odd ball out the bunch...

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