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RAPID MODE won't enable - 850 EVO - WIN 10 64 bits - BUILD 1809

Hello, I'm encountering a problem since the latest windows update to build 1809.

RAPID mode was working before... and after the update i got samsung magician to pop with a message to unable rapid mode or reboot or ignore... but after getting that message at every PC boot.. i decided to unable it and trying to re-enable it after... but since that... i cant make it stay enabled... when i turn rapid mode "on" in the software... i get some pop-up saying it needs to analyze SSD and system etc... when i click "ok" i get another pop-up about windows installer commands... and after i click "ok" it has a reboot countdown.... to apply rapid mode... before the countdown goes to 0 and reboot the pc... rapid mode on samsung magician is "on" and i see the difference in task manager... the speed is increased... but when the pc reboot... i go in the software and rapid mode still unabled... and everytime i retry... after reboot it goes back off... for some reasons it doesn't save it or there's a problem somewhere... I'm a advanced user for everything about pc and programmation.... i did uninstall/re-install software... i did look for firmware if it was up-to-date... etc... i don't know what is happenning now... everything work fine in my computer and pretty fast... but would love to get that rapid mode work again... on samsung magician the AHCI is activated, TRIM is activated... system compatibility is OK... but rapid mode... goes on and after reboot goes back to off...


thanks for your help...



EDIT :: Also, i already tried SFC /SCANNOW and everything is fine. And, my software is the latest version "5.3".