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SAMSUNG Odyssey G9 LC49G95TSSNXZA Flickering and Audio Issue using HDMI on Mac

(Topic created on: 3/11/21 7:18 AM)
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Primary Issue: Audio does not work over HDMI on Mac. (tested on MacBook Pro 16" & iMac 2019)

Audio works over HDMI under following conditions:

1. Windows

2. Mac with following:

  a) HDMI Port set to AV (results in 1080p resolution)

  b) HDMI Port set to 1.4 (results in 1080p resolution)

  c) Using Display Port instead

3. Problems with 1080p resolutions on Mac

  a) low resolution

  b) flickering on when scrolling on dark backgrounds (w/wo dynamic contrast enabled)

  c) scaling resolution via software leaves image blurry and text looking bad


Tested on Latest Feb 2021 firmware: 1010.2


I have 3 PCs hooked up to my monitor, 2 mac, and 1 windows. Since Mac needs the display port to look decent with audio, that means windows can only run at 60hz which is NOT why I paid the extra $$ to buy the 240hz model. PLEASE help me or I have to return this and go back to a multi monitor setup.

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Monitors and Memory

Hopefully your multi  monitors will successfully match up to the connected computers.