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SSD 850 EVO 250gb seems to be dying/dead after only 2.5 years?

I bought this SSD about 2 and a half years ago and when I first got it, speeds were about average for that product at ~530 MB/s. I never filled it up past about half way, and as of 1 month ago have only written ~4 TB. As time went on, I noticed performance was rapidly deteriorating. It started to get real bad about 1 month ago, when some programs wouldn't open sometimes and a test showed that my read speeds were down to only about 150 MB/s. Today, I turned on my PC and failed to boot into Windows. I asked multiple people I know who are really good at this kind of thing, and they all said that it was probably dead. 

Would I be able to send it back for repair/replacement? And is there any chance of getting my files back?

Thanks in advance!