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SSD Software - Paste password / Windows Hello / Sizing

I beleive an older version of the SSD software allowed for a paste into the password field (allows for complex passwords to be used more easily from secure machines)


It would also be nice if we could have the option to use Windows Hello for access if the user chooses (perhaps when bitlocker on the root drive is active ) ....


It would also be a great help to scale the interface for small high res screens (e.g. my Surface Pro makes the thing barely visible... even if my eyes were younger :-)  ) - I COULD reduce the screen res or atjust the scaling - obviously - but that isn't a reasonable solution - it's set as per my the needs of my apps -


(actually - I just remembered 2 seconds after I made this post - LOL - and I'll add it here - you can SCALE the SSD app by going to the properties of the .exe - or shortcut you use - Go to the compatibility TAB, Change high DPI settings - check the Override High DPI scaling .... and choose 'System (enhanced)' in the drop down)



I have a few of these - various sizes T3/T5 - it would be nice for them to be a little easier to authenticate .... realizing the risks....

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: SSD Software - Paste password / Windows Hello / Sizing

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