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SSD X5 no longer seen as thunderbolt device

I have a new portable SSD X5 that has been working for two weeks now without an issue. I am mainly running VM's from the drive. Noted three days ago it begain to run really hot; I mean not able to keep my hand on it for more than 20 seconds hot. Today, the drive stopped working. It now shows up as a USB storgage and shows it is an SSD X5, but it is not recognized as a thunderbolt drive. Has anyone else had this issue? I still have files on the drive I would like to recover.


This is model MU-PB1TOB. I am running on a Dell Precision 7530 with Windows 10 1909.

I uninstalled the intel thunderbolt software from Dell, rebooted, and reinstalled. Ensured the thunderbolt controller firmware and computer bios are up to date. No change. Cannot figure out why it would be working then just stop.