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SSD shuts down computer

I have a brand new HP Slimline i7 which works fine until I install my EVO 860 SSD 1t drive. With the SSD installed, the computer is blazing fast but will intermittantly shut down. It may happen within 5 minutes or two hours but the computer's like someone pulled the power plug. I have reimaged the drive from the original WD 1t hard drive, updated the BIOS, updated the chipset, tried to update the SSD firmware but it has the latest firmware.  As another test, I also imaged my EVO 850 500G drive, installed it, and it does the same thing. 

When it stops there is no warning, no just turns off. I have to pull the power plug and wait a few seconds before the computer will start up again.

What difference does it make to the computer if it has a hard drive or an SSD installed?

Any ideas?