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Samsumg SSD 980 Pro very low random read/write benchmarks

(Topic created: 03-18-2023 09:43 PM)
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Hi all,

I'm facing an issue on my Dell XPS 9310 laptop with my 980 Pro SSD.

The benchmark values for random read and write found on the internet are 5-10 times higher. The laptop utilized the 4th gen PCIe. Seq read and write speeds are also looking small (especially the write speed).

disk test.png

Here is the status screen in the Magician app:


The disk storage driver is the latest Intel RST driver. OS, drivers, and BIOS are the latest. 

The problem is clearly seen when a program works with a lot of small files. For example, PHPStorm is indexing a big project for about 10 minutes while it was a couple of mins on my old SSD (not sure was this performance drop caused by the SSD change or not). Unfortunately, I didn't make benchmarks when changed the SSD.

The CrystalDiskMark is also looking not good compared to what I saw in the internet:


Any ideas of what can be the issue here?

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Monitors and Memory

The read/write values you're seeing in Magician are indicative of the SSD being fed with 2 Gen 4 PCIE lanes instead of the 4  they are designed for thereby cutting their performance in half.

This is by design of the maker of the laptop to reduce heat,  power load,  hardware design and cost.

The only remedy is a higher powered computer that supplies the SSD with 4 Gen 4/5 PCIE lanes.