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Samsung 970 EVO Plus 1TB Bad Performance

Hello, I have problem with 4K speed on Samsung 970 EVO Plus 1TB.

Fresh installation of Windows 10 x64 Pro. Platform X99, PCI-E x4 Gen 3 speed - CPU lanes.

Samsung NVMe Driver last installed, but I tried and with Windows difference is minor.


Crystal Disk Mark.PNG

4KIB Q8TB and 4KIBQ32T1 speeds are far from advertised and presented in reviews.

RMA Time??? This is first time I had problems with some Samsung SSD.

Always performance are same as advertised,

I have and 850 EVO 1TB and performance are excellent after 2 years.


Re: Samsung 970 EVO Plus 1TB Bad Performance

This is the CDM of my 970 Pro in my gaming machine running a x299 chipset, 10 core 44 lane cpu, 64GB RAM, and 8 Samsung NVME drives (960 Pro 1TB, 960 Evo 2 TB, 970 Evo 2TB, 970 Pro 1TB).

They all vary a bit in CDM results yet they are all scary fast compared to a Sata 3 850 Pro.


The specs listed by Samsung have an "Up To" disclaimer for performance

mostly determined by the hardware and software driving the drives.

It is NOT a guaranteed performance figure.


Your dated X99 system performance looks ok.

However, you can always register your drive with Samsung, then go to the Support section

to create a ticket and complain to your heart's content.


CDM 970 Pro.jpg


Re: Samsung 970 EVO Plus 1TB Bad Performance

Yes but my SSD is a lot of slower in 4K compare to reviews.

Only Seq Q32T1 is OK. 4KIB is half of advertised.

I expect answer of Samsung, if not I will RMA.


It's 600 compared to 200. That's 3 times slower.

I think it's important that our drives work on PCI-E x4 Gen 3.

First result is evidence of that. But my drive is slower in other results than normal 970 EVO.


Can you post Anvil and AS SSD Benchmark 2.0.6821


Re: Samsung 970 EVO Plus 1TB Bad Performance

BTW:  You keep talking about PCIEx4 Gen 3 when your X99 chipset has only 8  lanes of PCIE GEN 2. 

The X299 has 24 lanes of PCIE GEN 3.






Re: Samsung 970 EVO Plus 1TB Bad Performance

My Chipset have 8 PCI-E lane Gen 2.

My M.2 slot use lines directly from CPU i7-5820K (Rampage V Edition 10).

That's Gen 3.


How Gen 2 Speed could give 3500/3300 Read/Write Performance?

That's impossible for Gen 2 on 970 Series. 

Gen 2 would cause all scores to be on half, not only 4K, Copy, Programs... 

It's obvious some problem in Firmware of bad batch of M.2 who give bad 4K score.

Hardware problems in my computer would cause slower performance everywhere.

Even Samsung Magician show PCI-E x4 Gen 3 Interface.


AS SSD Benchmark ISO Speed is close to normal, Game and Programs are again far lower.


You can see exactly difference, this from review of 970 EVO 1TB and EVO Plus 1TB.

Guy have and graphic with advertised speed . My score is marked with red.


AS SSD Benchmark.pngCrystal Disk Mark Benchmark.png970 EVO PLUS vs 970 EVO.PNG

As you see I have lower some speed than 970 EVO and I'm not satisfied with such performance.

4K Q32T1 is x3 times slower. 4K Q1T1 is half of speed... etc...

Cosmic Ray

Re: Samsung 970 EVO Plus 1TB Bad Performance

enable  Rapid  mode , you will get more