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Samsung C27F591FDN LED Monitor won't turn on

(Topic created on: 11/28/20 12:42 PM)
Monitors and Memory

I bought a Samsung 27" Curved monitor 3 years ago in Bestbuy, so warranty is long gone. Some months ago, I found that it didn't turn on. Firstly, I thought that was my PC's problem, because the monitor's power light was on, and I can see the monitor's menu, so I tried to replace RAM, VGA and even Motherboard but nothing changed. Secondly, I tried to buy some HDMI as well as Display cable. Finally, I brought it to Bestbuy, but it worked at that time. After some days, it was off again. My PC is normal when I connect it to my TV. May someone tell me what happened to my monitor and what can I do with it plz? Thank you so much.

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