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Samsung G7 27" Blue LED blinking

(Topic created: 07-03-2021 05:49 AM)
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I just bought the G7 27" computer monitor and I absolutely love it. 

However, I found that when I power my computer off, it turns the room into a night club for no reason at all. Why on Earth would you give it this feature??? Or rather WHO thought it to be a great idea to a huge blue light blinking franctically and forever on the bottom of the screen. I am talking about the power button. It reflects into my white desk and into the entire room. I can't seem to turn it off either. Meaning I have to physically unplug the screen to be able to sleep.

Is there any software or updates which can disable this blue blinking light from?

Also Samsung, jesus christ... make better design decisions. Your product is amazing, but what is this??

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