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Samsung Magician no OEM support

(Topic created: 08-16-2021 03:21 PM)
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I've installed the Samsung Magician (SM) and it works, kind of...

I have an SM951 MZVKV512HAJH preinstalled on laptop (OEM) and added a 970 EVO Plus. All the functions work for the 970 but not for the OEM. According to information in the help section under "Supported Features by Model" SM is supposed to be able to read SMART data and perform "Performance Optimization" on Samsung OEM drives but these functions are unavailable for my OEM.

I installed the Samsung NVMe driver which was accepted for both drives according to SM, but in device manager I am seeing the Microsoft driver present for both drives. The Samsung storage controller seems to be used for both drives.

Any thoughts?

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