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Samsung Monitor M7 Picture Modes Appearing and Disappearing

(Topic created: 07-29-2022 03:12 AM)
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Hello, I'm having an issue with my new PC (using Asus ROG RTX 3080) where when I'm using the monitor's apps and the Playstation 5 there is no issue and I can see all of my M7's Picture Modes available yet when connected to PC sometimes I only see Dynamic and Standard, and other times I see the rest, and the Dynamic of when it's only Dynamic and Standard is also less colorful than the Dynamic when all Picture Modes become available in the settings. And I'm usually gaming when this happens so I think it might be related? If someone can please help, will be very grateful, thanks!

EDIT: I've found that sometimes switching to an app on monitor like Netflix or Youtube and then switching back to HDMI (PC) keeps the Picture Modes available but not every time.. Hope someone can help..

















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