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Samsung Monitor won't "detect" Samsung USB drive

(Topic created on: 4/10/21 12:31 PM)
Ogre J
Monitors and Memory

This will sound similar to a bunch of different posts, but my issue is that my Odyssey G7 (27") will recognize a Kingston USB drive, but not the Samsung USB drive I got to replace it.

And, when I say "detect", I specifically mean as a means to update the firmware. With the Kingston drive, it'll at least search it and remark if it can't find the file. On the Samsung, it won't even attempt to look for it, claiming it can't detect the drive at all.

The thing is, it otherwise works fine-- I can add and remove files to the Samsung drive connected to the service port of the monitor.

Anyone have any idea why the Samsung USB drive isn't detected when attempting to update the firmware?

Model for the Samsung USB drive is: MUF-32BE
Model for the Kingston USB drive is: DTSE9 (8GB)

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