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Samsung Odyssey G7 Auto Detect of Active Input Source doesn't work

(Topic created on: 4/15/21 10:56 AM)
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It seems your whole Samsung odyssey range such as G7, G9 and G5 doesn't allow automatic detection of an active input source. Something most monitors can do these days, even cheap ones.

The auto input switch menu option does not work.


I am on the latest firmware  1009.3 and I have also tried a factory reset. I am on the latest DisplayPort firmware etc.

This is a very expensive, flagship monitor so it should have this simple feature. Please could you add it?

Samsung support told me this is a common hardware fault and that I need to return it, is this really the case? I have a feeling he was not interested in helping me.

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Monitors and Memory

Did you check your User Manual?

The one I looked at had this in it for Auto Source:

"Auto Source Switch
By activating, a new connected source is displayed automatically.
― This function may not be supported depending on the model or geographical area."

I buy  monitors based on size, resolution, refresh rate, ability to use Vesa mounts, and inputs.  All the rest is considered non critical fluff.