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Samsung Odyssey G7 (LC32G75TQSNXZA) Displayport resolution problems

(Topic created: 07-14-2021 03:37 PM)
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The display worked six months fine, now it only displays on DP, 1280x1440 (on monitor) while reporting 2560x1440 on Windows10, I can change res on Windows, the display never changes from DP, 1280x1440 on the monitor. HDMI works fine. I tried a reset on the monitor, different cable, uninstalled, and re-installed Samsung drivers and Nvidia drivers. Tried re-flashing firmware M-TG700CCAA-1009.3 it won't overwrite because the file is the same version#

Out of Warranty  PLZ HELP


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Cosmic Ray
Monitors and Memory
The sorry fact of it is most electronic devices nowadays come with about a 90 day warranty 6 months is well past what you can expect from some electronic devices or electronic dealers maybe try to roll back your updates if possible it's still in warranty fix it that way find a local certified dealer or repair person