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Samsung Odyssey G7 not staying connected to DisplayPort input

(Topic created on: 2/23/21 3:46 AM)
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The monitor is a fairly new one, purchased in November 2020.

I have 3 devices connected to this monitor: A desktop PC, a PS4, and a work laptop.

The issue began when playing an old game with a different resolution to the monitor (it didn't automatically change and I hadnt played it for a while) and tabbing out, causing the whole thing to fail and refuse to connect to any input. I was using an HDMI splitter at the time, which had worked like a dream until then.

Having fixed this by fiddling with the inputs until it stayed connected to one long enough to turn off auto-switch, it seemed fine.

I got rid of the splitter as the monitor suddenly couldn't handle it anymore, instead connecting the desktop by HDMI, the PS4 by DisplayPort (with an HDMI to DisplayPort adapter), and the work laptop by it's native DisplayPort.

Everything was fine, until this morning when, after attempting to connect my work laptop to it and get something done, it doesn't work. It was working perfectly the previous day, with no use since then.

Now, the monitor will not stay connected to the laptop, instead constantly disconnecting and reconnecting. I waited it out for 20 mins before deciding nothing seemed to be changing.

I removed all other inputs from the monitor, but no luck.

I tried to use the desktop instead, and that worked (if a little slow to show anything on the screen).

I have tried with auto-switching bi on and off, but ko luck.

While it's in it's cycle it wont bring up the main menu either, only the input menu, so I have to unplug everything, reconnect the HDMI, turn the desktop on, wait for a few minutes, and then use the menu.

I reset to factory settings, prayed at it, and threatened it. No luck.

I need two screens to do my job, and the monitor suddenly deciding it's not connecting any more is really making it hard hard get anything done.

The Samsung Live chat was completely useless, and offered no help other than 'Can I book a repair for you'.

Is there any way to make the monitor recognise the laptop input again? It's clearly doing for a few seconds (the icons jump back and forth), but can't stay connected even when there's no other inputs connected at all.

Thanks in advance for any ideas!

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