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Samsung Odyssey G9 and Neo G9 crashes my PC when switched or going to sleep (Nvidia GPU)

(Topic created: 06-19-2022 04:25 AM)
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Windows 10 or 11, nvidia video card, latest driver. The G9 and Neo G9 have been crashing my PC for almost two years now, every time I switch it off and or, or windows puts it in standby, or when I switch to another secondary monitor, or even when I toggle games between fullscreen and not. I've been reporting it to nvidia without ever getting an answer. Given I get a crash almost every day (seems like the video driver crashes with no way to restore it, audio keeps playing in the background for some seconds).
My guess is that this monitor sends an invalid signal to the GPU (in my case RTX 3090) which makes it crash. The GPU probably shouldn't crash but the monitor also shouldn't be sending invalid signals to it.

More on that here:
There are tons of people suffering from the same issue.

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