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Samsung Odyssey G9 doesn't support Easy Settings Box

(Topic created on: 1/21/21 7:16 AM)
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Long time user of Samsung products and generally very satisfied with the products, but I have such a gripe with this beautiful monitor and hope Samsung reads this. I bought this monitor because I work from home and it looked like a productivity monster, so I decided to pony up the $1400 and give it a shot over the lesser models. That way I can game and work on the best Samsung has to offer.


I get it home and much to my dismay, Easy Settings Box isn't working. I tried everything. So I open a support chat and they tell me that it's not supported on this monitor. I can see several ultrawides on their list, including the lesser G9 model (I believe the 1080p version). 


My feedback to Samsung is that you are disenfranchising people from buying your flagship products by not offering the same productivity tools in your higher end models as your lower end models. What good is an ultrawide if it does not have the productivity tools that make the ultrawide useful? You think we just wanna look at a full screen chrome tab when we're not gaming? How does this make ANY sense? It's laughable. This beautiful monitor will be going back to Samsung now. I hope a lot of them come back so that you can go back to the drawing board and really think about what people want to use your products to do, and then make the products fit that. This is a no brainer. All of your ultrawides should support Easy Settings Box. If Microsoft can make software for any computer, you can make the software work for your monitors. 

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