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Samsung Odyssey G9 firmware update using Mac

(Topic created on: 11/7/20 6:43 AM)
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I am trying to update the firmware using my macbook pro 16. I downloaded the firmware from https://www.samsung.com/us/support/owners/product/odyssey-gaming-monitor-g9-series . But when i try to open it there is a pop-up window saying that "The following disk images couldn't be opened see below:


Screen Shot 2020-11-07 at 8.41.58 AM.png

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From your manual:

Update software using an update file on a USB device.
1 Save the update file (in .bin format) that you downloaded from the Samsung website (http://www.
samsung.com/sec) to a USB storage device.
2 Connect the USB device to the SERVICE port ( , ) on the monitor.
Select → Support → Software Update.
3 Follow the instructions on the screen to proceed with update.
4 Your product will turn itself off and on again automatically after completing update, and then turn
off your product.
5 Remove the power cord from the power outlet and then reconnect the cord after turning off.
― To perform software update by using a USB memory, first format the USB memory to FAT32.
― When updating by a USB device, be sure to use the device whose version of USB 3.0 or lower.
― When performing update, make sure that only one BIN file (.bin) (C27G7*T* / C32G7*T*) / img file (.img)
(C49G9*T*) is saved in the root directory.
― If the No update files found on your USB device. Please check your USB device and try again. message is
displayed, this is probably due to the following reasons.
― A USB memory is not connected to the SERVICE port ( , (SERVICE)).
― The files in the connected USB memory are not compatible formats.
― There are no valid update files found in the connected USB memory. (There are no update files saved in the
memory or the file names are incorrect.)
― Do not turn off the product. And prevent the updating from any interruption as far as possible. In general, the