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Samsung PM961/SM961/960EVO

Good morning,
I have a problem with the Samsung SSD disk with the designation PM961. During normal operation and deleting a file, a blue screen show on my screen, and now the disk does not work properly. I start windows / linux on external memory, but the disk is not detected, I also do not see the NVMe controller on any list of devices connected to the PCI bus. When I try to boot from the disk, I have a black screen on my laptop and nothing happens.
I tried to connect the disk with the NVMe enclosure, after connecting to the laptop after a very long time partitions are detected, but the Windows does get stuck when trying to copy any file, and the disk is not detected by any other partition repair tool.

I'm trying to put the drive in safe mode but I haven't managed to do it yet. The disk has no classic through pins, only space for a connector. Does anyone have any description of the connections of this connector, I assume that this is a JTAG connector, and one of these pins must be shorted to put the disk in safe mode mode. I tried using a 470 Ohm resistor to short the pads of unsoldered passive components close to the connector, but it did nothing. (marked with a red arrow)

Can anyone help me recover files from this SSD?


Adnotacja 2020-01-27 140418.pngAdnotacja 2020-01-27 140631.png