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Samsung Portable T7 SSD PSID factory reset

(Topic created: 09-08-2022 11:49 AM)
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How can you perform a PSID factory reset from Samsung Magician (Windows)?


The datasheet of the T7 says it does not support secure erase but it supports PSID factor reset only. The drive itself has a sticker with the PSID number on it so it should be possible.

However, when attempting it in Windows, you get a error "This Drive is not support. Security mode not enabled". If you set or remove a password for the T7, you still get the same error.

Troubling shooting tips in Samsung Magician say if you receive this error, you need to build a usb boot media and run secure erase - but the T7 does not support secure erase.

In other documentation, it mentions to contact Samsung support and they can assist. However, they have only pointed back to using Samsung Magician and use the PSID revert.


Update:  Issue resolved. The trick was to unplug the T7 and then plug it back in and have Samsung Magician find it again.


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Dumb question on my part :
Why do you need to do a factory reset ?