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Samsung S24F356F Feels very laggy

Good morning,


I'm trying to play a game named "X-Plane 11" which you only need 30 FPS to run it really smooth.

And my problem is that it only runs smooth at or above 60 FPS in the "Samsung S24F356F" and 60 FPS are very hard to achive in this game, so I need to get this running smooth on 30 FPS.

So I  tried it on my TV (30hz) with the same PC and there it is running really smooth at or above 30 FPS.

With that said the problem must be the Monitor right?

I'm wondering if I need to buy a new Monitor or is it possible to solve? (I tried FreeSync aswell)

And if it's not possible to solve, should I buy a 30hz Monitor, as it's running smooth on my TV and my TV only has 30hz or can someone recommend me a good and cheap 60hz monitor that is able run Games smooth with only 30 FPS?

Thank you very much and stay safe,