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Re: Samsung S27E390H LED Monitor won't turn on


I too had the problem.  I have two Samsung 24" monitors, S24E390 and C24F390 (curved).  The curved is newer.  Started blanking out, usually when I go through a reboot and restart my laptop (these are connected to my laptop so I use three monitors, the laptop internal and these two external.  What I observe is the laptop and S24 start fine, but the C24 begins to flash.  Looks like it tries to start, but cycles, flashing perhaps every 7 or 8 seconds?  Tried a lot of tricks and might get it to work eventually.  Once on it seems fine, just don't restart.


Solution.  I swithed the power connections on the two monitors.  Now the S24 is the one flashing, meaning the problem is with the transformer.  I'm a squirrel (my wife hates this).  When I trash anything, I save parts, like transformers.  So I need at least 14.0V DC with 2.1A for output with positive in the center.  Toughest part is getting the diameter of the connector correct.  I found an old Samsung with 14.0V DC with 1.78A.  It's working fine, bit shy on amperage but is working.  Anyway, indicates the issue is crappy transformer.  Sell a high quality monitor, but gives us a crappy transformer?  Anyway, should set you up.