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Samsung SSD 860 EVO 1TB Not Recognized by Samsung Magician and Other Issues

(Topic created on: 1/4/21 8:51 AM)
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Hi all,


I've seen a couple other posts that have similar issues but I didn't see any solutions that are applicable to my situation so I figured I'd start a new thread.


I just migrated my OS Windows 10 Pro 20H2 C:\ drive from an 860 EVO 500GB to an 860 EVO 1TB drive. I did this by creating a system image backup from the 500GB drive and using a bootable USB to restore that to the new drive.


Now, when I open up Samsung Magician, the 500GB drive is read fine and is in good condition but the 1TB drive reads "This drive is not supported". When I open Device Manager they're both read as 500GB drives. All drivers appear to be up to date. I'm running the latest version of Samsung Magician.


Everything else seems to be working properly on the new drive. I have since wiped the 500GB drive for extra storage, extended the partition of the new C:\ drive so it uses the full 1TB and I still have my original backup of the 500GB drive.


I guess I'm just curious as to how and if it's possible to have this drive read properly by both the Device Manager and the Samsung Magician software.






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