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Samsung SSD 960 not properly recognized by Magician

After the recent updates to the Magician software can no longer read all the details of my SSD 960. What happened? How do I fix this? I have both the most recent driver as well as Magician version installed.

Screenshot (38).png


Re: Samsung SSD 960 not properly recognized by Magician

Dear Customer,

What version of Samsung Magician do you have installed and what version of the driver do you have installed?


Re: Samsung SSD 960 not properly recognized by Magician

Like many others, Samsung Magician 5.2 has never recognized my Samsung 960 EVO m.2 SSD.  I have apparently stumbled across a solution. 


Note that according to Windows 10 (64-bit) Device Manager, he driver for the 960 in Disk Drives is reported as Microsoft 6/26/2006 (this is a 32-bit driver), and I have not been able to update it to a Samsung driver (nvme Express 3.1).  However, I know that the Samsung driver is installed, since if I try to install it again, I get a message that my options are:  Repair or Uninstall. 


I also saw in Device Manager that the section for Storage controllers lists a Surface NVMe controller, which I don't have.  I uninstalled this device and rebooted the computer and it now shows a Samsung NVMe controller. 


Samsung Magician now recognizes the Samsung SSD. 


Another note:  in the Disk Drive section, the Samsung SSD 960 driver is still listed as Microsoft 6/26/2006, so it seems that this item is not critical.  I hope this is helpful to others.


Re: Samsung SSD 960 not properly recognized by Magician

Also the pic you  show is Magician  5.xx while 6.xx is now available and looks totally different.

Magician also  needs an internet connection to work properly.

The mix of the 8 various  960 & 970 drives on my motherboard work well with the Microsoft drivers.