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Samsung SSD 980 Pro 1 TB poor performance

(Topic created on: 12/29/20 1:33 PM)
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I've purchased 980 Pro 1Tb, installed latest Windows 10 from scratch and see no much speed improvement compared to my 6-years-old SSD OCZ Vertex 4 128Gb.

i see almost 7Gb/sec reading ONLY in Crystalmark Disk or Samsung Magician tests.

of course, Windows launch slightly faster (1-2 secs faster), Unreal Engine 4, Maya 2019 launch MUCH faster.
but the rest is slow, for example: when estimating Windows 10 folder size, opening a folder with only icons, copying files, or launching Call of Duty Warzone - it is pretty slow, i see no great performance not only in comparison with the my old SSD, but also with my HDD!!!

I CAN'T SAY something like 'WOW!!!! AMAZING!!! THAT'S NEXT GEN SUPER-DOOPER-FAST SSD!!!". in practice it is just SLIGHTLY faster. i'm sure there's no any temperature throttling.

can you tell me is it Windows issue? what can be wrong? what can i do to improve SSD performance?

my spec: SSD Samsung 980 Pro 1Tb (installed in PCIe4 m2 slot with thermal pad) MB MSI X570 Gaming Plus (latest BIOS version), AMD Ryzen 9 3900x, Asus GeForce 1070, DDR4 Hynix 3600 2x32Gb, Windows 10 Pro 64bit v.20H2, Noctua NH D-15. nothing overclocked.

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For starters replace the old Sata drives with more NVME drives and your file copy speeds will radically improve.  The 980 cannot copy  any faster than the receiving drive can go.

I have 8  1&2 TB NVME drives ( 4 with different OS'es and 4 for data and games) in my gaming machine  and not a Sata SSD or HDD in sight.  Sata is maxxed out  around 500 megs per second and is a serious bottle neck to PCIE 4 NVME drives.  Running a NVME only computer leaves me being extremely spoiled.


Win 10 boots to desktop in about  4  seconds after bios post completes.


Some games load up extremely fast while others are dog slow due to computer and network processing.  I keep all gaming and data on the non OS drives.

Don't blame the NVME for CPU/GPU/OS slowness.


Also updated the house network to 10GB between computers, NAS boxes, and router ( Netgear R9000) with a Gigabit ISP to allow 940Mbs downloads to the NVME's.


Have fun!