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Samsung SSDs: Good hardware, but the compulsion to use Magician + Samsung NVMe driver is annoying.

(Topic created: 01-24-2023 05:18 AM)
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Hello everyone,

I've liked installing Samsung SSDs in the past, even though they're usually a bit more expensive than the competition.
However, there are a few reasons that make me more and more doubtful:

It is very annoying that:

- some firmware updates are only offered via Magician and not also as ISO.
- no release notes / changelogs for firmware updates are published.
- Magician only works to a limited extent without Samsung NVMe drivers (firmware updates, diagnostics).
- there is no portable version of the Magician tool.
- new models are often not supported by the software (Magician, NVMe driver) months after the product launch (990 Pro, Windows 11).

It would be "nice" if other people also shared these deficiencies with me and it made its way to Samsung.


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I have a new SSD 980 and that is not even the latest model and it is not supported by the Samsung driver. Wonder if it ever will, but drive is mainly working great using Intel RST as the storage controller driver.