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Samsung Smart Monitor M7 problem reading usb 2.0 storage

(Topic created: 07-21-2021 09:36 PM)
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I recently purchased Samsung Smart Monitor M7.

I always have a USB flashdisk that contain music and movies files connected to the monitor USB 2.0.

The monitor is able to read the usb flashdisk at anytime at the first week I get the monitor.  Somehow the monitor start having problem reading the usb flashdisk recently.  If I just plug in the usb flashdisk to the monitor,  the monitor is able to read the content just find. if I exit the USB and turn off the monitor with remote, and turn on the monitor again with remote within minutes. the monitor is still able to read the usb. 

However if I turn off the monitor for a long period of time like overnight or  +- 8 hours (returning from work) and turn on the monitor with remote the next morning/after work. the usb storage icon still shows up, but when I select the usb storage icon and enter to read the content. The monitor is not able to read the usb flash disk content. In this case I have to unplug the USB and re-plugin again into the monitor usb 2.0, and the monitor is able to read the us storage again.  I find this is to be very troublesome where I have to reach the back of the monitor that I wall mounted unplug and re-plugin the USB flash disk everday /(every+- 8 hours) just to be able to read the usb Storage content again. 

I start experiencing this when I first see the blue screen (Turn on the device connected to HDMI screen).  I never see this screen before when I first get the monitor maybe there is an auto system firmware update before?  Honestly I don't like the blue screen and  wish the monitor just display the home screen/source menu right away.  If the monitor turn into standby mode within a minute if there is no input turn on is understandable.

Anyway anyone have this USB problem? Is there a fix for this? Or is there a way to revert the older firmware, if this problem only happen to the lastest firmware?


My smart monitor  M7 model & settings as the following:

PD : --/--/----
SN : *****
FW : M-KSU2SMWWC-1100.7
FC : SWU-OU_M-KSU2SMWWC_1100_210601
SC : 20001_AC2_HC1IL1_AA80AC374AD12.7AE12.8BA5DA153IB24IC233


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