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Samsung Support and Culture

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Monitors and Memory

I have been trying to Repair/RMA/Refund my 49" Samsung Odyssey G9 for over a month. After waiting almost 30 days for a repair I was forced into an e-coupon which has been pending for almost 2 weeks now.

It is absolutely ridiculous, especially as I know the contractor they initially scheduled for repair has the parts in hand (they called and said so) but then told me Samsung decided to replace the unit so they're not involved anymore. Samsung said they have no RMA (Advanced or otherwise) available as they have no parts for my monitor. And said an E-Coupon was my only recourse, so I begrudgingly said fine, only to find that it's a 2 or more week process after they collect my monitor!!!

And while everyone I spoke to (over a dozen chat/phone conversations) was friendly, none were all that helpful and none of them cared or even acknowledged the burden their processes and misleading comments created.

In fact, the consistency with which everyone deflected and/or redirected accountability for misleading statements, sudden changes and inconveniences speaks to it being more of a Corporate Culture than anything, clearly Samsung has so many customers, it just doesn't care about the impact of it's policies or poor decisions. (I mean what's 1 monitor, vs 1 million phones)....

At no time in this nearly 2 month process have I received a call from Samsung regarding my issue; it's always been "You'll have to call back tomorrow" or "You should use our chat support".

Suffice to say, I've not had a computer monitor now since 7/13, I actually drove it over to their trucking company myself to save time, and watched them document/upload the information to Samsung. I've called/chatted with a half dozen people since, but they all say they'll expedite/escalate, still nothing.

We give companies too much lateral, if you replace "man's" with "company's" how do most stack up for you:

"A man’s character is most evident by how he treats those who are not in a position either to retaliate or reciprocate." - Paul Eldridge 

For me, Samsung is a post child for what not to do....



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