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Samsung T7 SSD not found on Windows 10 (volume not found)

(Topic created: 09-20-2021 12:02 PM)
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Trying to back up my Windows 10 based PC with my Samsung T7 SSD.

When I plug the T7 into the computer, it does not come up on the listed drives. 

When I use the Samsung T7 software, it does allow me to change the security settings of the drive, but it says it cannot find the "volume" of the drive.

Then when I go into the Device Manager, the T7 is listed under disk drives, but has not assigned volume letter. I can manually assign the drive a volume letter and then access the drive. Windows does tell me there is a issue with the drive that it wants to fix, but fails to scan the disk. 

When I unplug the T7 and plug it back in it will not locate the drive again and I have to assign a new volume to access it again. 

Someone have any ideas what's wrong?

It works fine on my Mac and iPad and has not issues. Just on my Windows PC. 

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